Her Excellency Jennifer Zimdahl Galt
U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia

“At this time last year, I discussed my embassy’s economic and commercial priorities for 2016 and asked AmCham, as our partner, to join us in supporting and advocating for these priorities. AmCham has – without a doubt – delivered, and our joint work has led to many successful outcomes. AmCham has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to bring together U.S. private sector companies, Mongolian businesses, and the Mongolian government to discuss how the agricultural sector can move forward. Beyond agriculture, we have partnered with AmCham in many other commercial endeavors. Perhaps the most impressive result of our partnership this year was the American Days Expo in September. Bringing together approximately 90 businesses and organizations selling U.S. products and services – and witnessing the public demand for those products and services – was simply amazing. AmCham has continued to grow, to add new members over the past year, despite Mongolia’s deepening economic crisis. This tells me that as an organization, AmCham brings value to its members and to the business community as a whole. Turning to the investment climate, we and AmCham have tirelessly advocated for increased transparency and consistent rules of the game. AmCham’s efforts to resolve the certificate of origin issue demonstrate that policy advocacy is one of AmCham’s greatest strengths. This is extremely important in Mongolia, where the government sometimes loses sight of the important role private enterprise can and should play in bolstering economic growth. As we highlight the robust U.S.-Mongolia partnership throughout 2017, which marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of U.S.-Mongolia diplomatic relations, we look forward to continuing to work closely with AmCham to advance our shared priorities.” - Ambassador Galt’s Remarks at the AmCham’s 2016 Annual General Meeting

Arafat Siyez
Sales and Supply Chain Leader of Cummins Investment Mongolia LLC

"Cummins Mongolia is pleased to be the member of AmCham Mongolia and will continue to extend its membership in an annual basis. AmCham Mongolia has been proactively helping to promote Cummins Mongolia within the business community in Mongolia, which is a cost effective way of promoting our Brand and the products. The networking night events and monthly meetings have extensively helped us to meet with key potential or existing customers and will only further strengthen the ways of interacting with different groups in different industries. Last but not least, extensive advocacy efforts of AmCham are being constructively addressed in all levels of Government institutions, which will benefit the business community In Mongolia."

S.J. (Steve) Potter
Managing Director, Wagner Asia Equipment LLC

“AmCham Mongolia provides an effective conduit between Wager Asia and other U.S. companies operating in Mongolia, the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, various U.S. Government affiliates, and the Government of Mongolia. Our membership with AmCham has provided an effective mouthpiece for issues that, as a single private foreign investor, we cannot or may not wish to voice ourselves. Monthly Meetings are a useful forum for support, AmCham supported conferences and exhibitions are a cost-effective way to promote our products and services, and AmCham White Papers provide a roadmap for achieving business goals that will help U.S. companies develop business in Mongolia.”