Tricia Turbold
Executive Director

Tricia Turbold is the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia. Tricia moved to Mongolia from the United States three years ago where she worked as an Operations Manager at the world-class healthcare facility, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Tricia studied at Radford University in the United States and holds a Masters of Science degree in Corporate and Professional Communication.

Adiya Oyungerel
Director of Policy and Advocacy

Adiya Oyungerel is the Director of Policy and Advocacy for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia responsible for designing, building and implementing the advocacy efforts of AmCham's policy initiatives. Before joining AmCham, Adiya worked as a project coordinator at Artisanal mining project of Swiss Development Cooperation Agency.  Adiya has extensive work experience in the private sector with Oyu Tolgoi, the government, and a number of development agencies including EBRD, UN and the SDC. Adiya holds MBA from the University of Sheffield in UK with a major in FDI Promotion.

Munkhjargal Batsaikhan
Director of Events

Munkhjargal Batsaikhan is the Director of Events for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia responsible for managing and executing AmCham events and programs. Prior to joining AmCham, Munkhjargal worked at Raffles International Institute as the Head of Marketing. His experience includes marketing and sales, planning and implementing marketing activities across online and offline channels. He holds a B.A. in Management and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing.

Erdenesukh Otgonbayar
Director of Communications

Erdenesukh (Sukhee) Otgonbayar is the Director of Communications for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia. Sukhee has extensive experience in marketing, branding and communications, having worked for over three years in Mongolia’s leading bank, Golomt Bank and its holding company Golomt Financial Group. Sukhee holds B.A in International Economics and lived for over four years in San Francisco, CA, USA while earning an Associate of Science degree in General Business from The City College of San Francisco.

Baasantsetseg Baatar
Finance and Administrative Officer

Baasantsetseg Baatar is the Finance and Administrative Officer responsible for managing AmCham’s daily activities. Previously, Baasantsetseg worked as the Chief Accountant at Boroo Mining Co. Ltd, one of Mongolia’s largest mining companies. She brings to AmCham vast experiences from business and NGO sectors.

Amgalan Enkhtaivan
Program Coordinator

Amgalan Enkhtaivan is the Program Coordinator for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia. He is responsible for AmCham's Daily Newswire and other daily administrative tasks. Amgalan graduated from Mongolia International University (MIU) with honors and studied at Handong Global University in the Republic of Korea. He served as the Student Union President at MIU and previously worked for the Mongolia Economic Forum NGO.