Her Excellency Jennifer Zimdahl Galt
U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia

“AmCham and I go back a long way; I’ve worked with AmChams throughout my career. I had a good meeting with the U.S. Chamber before coming to UB. They were full of praise for the outstanding job AmCham has done to stand up an organization dedicated to promoting U.S. commercial interests and values in Mongolia. I had the pleasure of discussing these interests and values with Chairman Jackson Cox on his last day in Mongolia. I found myself agreeing with many of Jackson’s observations, among them that Mongolia and AmCham are in transition. Mongolia is still coming to terms with the implications of a free market economy, and AmCham is moving from being a new organization to a mature one. And AmCham Mongolia is also growing and changing. The AmCham Mongolia of 2015 has the responsibility, consistent with its growing capacities, to support its members’ shared interests in more sophisticated ways. My team and I stand ready to work with AmCham as it embraces its evolving role as Mongolia’s leading advocate for free enterprise.”

S.J. (Steve) Potter
Managing Director, Wagner Asia Equipment LLC

“AmCham Mongolia provides an effective conduit between Wager Asia and other U.S. companies operating in Mongolia, the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, various U.S. Government affiliates, and the Government of Mongolia. Our membership with AmCham has provided an effective mouthpiece for issues that, as a single private foreign investor, we cannot or may not wish to voice ourselves. Monthly Meetings are a useful forum for support, AmCham supported conferences and exhibitions are a cost-effective way to promote our products and services, and AmCham White Papers provide a roadmap for achieving business goals that will help U.S. companies develop business in Mongolia.”