About Us


AmCham Committees focus on the business interests and various industries of our members, and help to develop AmCham’s advocacy efforts. Quarterly meetings and Committee events center on dialogue with prominent speakers about relevant and timely business and policy issues. Committees will also be hosting industry specific conferences, seminars, and workshops for business information and training purposes.

Intellectual Property Rights Committee
The IPR Committee works to foster greater awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights and to support sound IPR policies in Mongolia as a means to drive innovation and economic growth.

Agriculture Committee
Agriculture Committee focuses on addressing pressing policy and regulatory challenges hindering the development of Mongolia’s agriculture sector.

Auto and Machinery Committee
Auto and Machinery Committee focuses on addressing import of RHD cars, encouraging import of new LHD cars and advocating for universal introduction of emission standards for publicly-safe and environmentally friendly auto industry.

Financial Services Committee
The Financial Services Committee will create a cross functional platform for leading representatives of companies operating in the financial sector in Mongolia; formulate and apply international best practice in all segments of the financial industry; and provide advice for constructive reform to regulators and policymakers.

Legal Task Force
The Legal task force works to review and provide recommendations and develop advocacy strategy on draft legislations that may impact businesses of members.