2016 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report of Wagner Asia Group


Download Wagner Asia Group’s 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report here Download Wagner Asia Group’s 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report here

Khan Bank Foundation Implements The Neonatal Unit 2 Project


The Neonatal Unit of the National Center for Communicable Diseases has seen no upgrades since 1986, and last year a group of young Twitter users united to initiate the Neonatal Unit Project, raising donations and furnishing the neonatal resuscitation ward and intensive care unit (ICU) of the NCCD. Khan Bank has fully sponsored the continuation […]

National Campaign Against Cancer to be implemented for the 7th year


On February 18, 2017, Khan Bank, the National Cancer Center, and Mongolian National Broadcaster signed an agreement to carry out the National Campaign Against Cancer for the seventh consecutive year to promote the health of Mongolia’s citizens. Minister of Health A.Tsogtsetseg, General Director of the National Cancer Center J.Chinburen, CEO of Khan Bank John Bell, […]

Gatsuurt LLC donates food to 180 economically vulnerable households led by seniors


Gatsuurt LLC started its 2017 CSR campaign with the slogan “Healthy Food for Mongolian Citizens”, and have donated food to households in Bayanzurkh District that are living below poverty standards. In cooperation with Mongol TV, based on a living standards survey conducted in six UB districts, Gatsuurt LLC donated its own products to 180 households […]

Xac Bank Will Work Towards Curing Hepatitis C Virus


With the mission statement of People, Planet, and Profit – XacBank has been a contributing company that has realized its social responsibility with utmost importance. Notably today we have agreed to an initiative that will aid in bettering People’s health. To clarify, XacBank along with the Health and Sports Ministry have agreed to work together […]

Corporate Social Responsibility of Wagner Asia Group


INTRODUCTION USA-based Wagner Asia Group first invested in the Mongolian market beginning in 1996 by supplying a wide range of equipment in the mining, construction, energy, agricultural, and transportation sectors.  Wagner Asia places responsible governance and operations as a top priority.  Wagner Asia Group companies represent world-renowned brands including Caterpillar, Ford, Land Rover, Michelin tires, […]

Corporate Social Responsibility of Khan Bank


Embracing principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its business and activities, Khan Bank has been making considerable contributions to the economic and social development of Mongolia. Khan Bank’s mission statement affirms its commitment to make positive changes in people’s lives and to benefit society while adhering to fairness and transparency. With the nation’s widest […]

ING Mongolia donates towards Lunar New Year Food Drive


Prior to 2016 Lunar New Year celebrations, ING Mongolia in collaboration with the Veloo Foundation participated in a Lunar New Year Food collection. The purpose of the initiative was to reach out to the neediest families in the community and those that make a living scavenging from Ulaanbaatar City’s landfill sites. The initial target had […]

EY Mongolia contributing to building a better working world one child at a time


EY Mongolia office consists of nearly 100 staff that normally exchange gifts with each other worth approximately $15 each during the holiday season. However, in 2015, instead of exchanging gifts, they have decided to collect that money to buy gifts to the underprivileged children.   The group that they have decided to support was a […]

ING Mongolia completes the second phase of UNICEF’s ger kindergarten project


In 2014 ING Mongolia office staff was involved in donation and construction of two gers equipped with all the necessary furnishings, toys and learning materials which were delivered to Kindergarten No.151 and 152 located in Nalaikh district. The ger kindergartens enabled the already overcrowded public kindergartens to receive an additional 65 children from a UNICEF-defined […]

ING Mongolia raises USD 45,000 to help underprivileged youth


On 19 June 2015, ING Mongolia with the support of the ING Hong Kong branch, co-hosted one of the biggest charity dinners of the year in Ulaanbaatar in support of the Veloo foundation, raising a total of USD 45,000. The Veloo Foundation is an internationally recognized charity formed by Julie Veloo in 2012. Their project […]

ING Bank gives mobile kindergartens to Nalaikh


The daily work of the ING Commercial Banking representative office in Ulaanbaatar normally involves providing clients with access to a range of products and services in the areas of project finance, trade and commodity finance and debt capital markets. But recently they were involved in a completely other activity……they volunteered for UNICEF to build two […]