Doorknock 2023 Report

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Mongolia successfully organized the 7th annual U.S. Doorknock to Washington, D.C., from June 7-9, 2023. Since 2014, AmCham Mongolia has hosted an annual U.S. Trade Mission (Doorknock) to foster trade ties between Mongolia and the United States. During AmCham Mongolia's annual Doorknock, business executives from the organization's membership and the country's larger business community can interact with a variety of influential Washington, D.C. policymakers and promote Mongolia as a potential location for American investment. The Doorknock visit effectively gives participants a more realistic understanding of the business climate in Mongolia and gives them the chance to have conversations about larger-scale cooperation. This year's Doorknock delegation featured 15 top executives from American, foreign, and Mongolian companies such as MIK, Sendly NBFI JSC, Faro Foundation, ONDO, Trade and Development Bank, Capitron Bank, Altai Holding, Melville & Erdenedalai LLP, and Seruun Group. The trade mission was led by the US Ambassador to Mongolia, Richard Buangan, and the leadership of AmCham Mongolia. Housing, fintech, legal, trade, banking, and financial services, as well as telecommunications, digital transformation, and HVAC service providers, were non-mining sectors represented in this year's Doorknock diverse delegation, which US stakeholders appreciated in terms of Mongolia's economic diversification.


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