CSR Awards Night

AmCham Mongolia CSR Awards aims to honor and showcase organizations that have made notable contributions to enhance corporate citizenship and raise sustainability awareness in Mongolia. By drawing attention to these organizations, AmCham Mongolia aims to acknowledge their efforts, encourage CSR development, and provide models for other organizations to emulate. This annual program serves as a platform for corporations, social enterprises, and CSR
professionals to share their best CSR practices, including creating shared value, social innovation, environmental initiatives, educational efforts, corporate governance, clean supply chain, community outreach, employee health and safety initiatives, corporate volunteer programs, and public-private partnerships.

During 2020 AmCham Mongolia CSR Awards Night, members with the most outstanding and generous CSR programs will be awarded the following awards:

  • CSR Leadership Award recognizes companies with overall CSR achievements, leadership, and pioneering role in CSR practices, especially in advancing the creation of shared value. Open to AmCham Mongolia members only.
  • CSR Innovation Award recognizes companies that introduce an innovative idea, program, or project for addressing complex social or environmental issues. Open to AmCham Mongolia members only.
  • Most Impactful NGO/Social Enterprise will select a social organization or social enterprise that has shown continued excellence in its CSR practices and programs by integrating the ethics of CSR into its development strategy. Open to NGOs/Social Enterprises founded by AmCham Mongolia members.
  • CSR Sustainability Award recognizes a company that designs and implements projects that target sustainability issues concerning specific UN SDGs and bring positive change into the local community. Open to AmCham Mongolia members only.

To nominate your company or business for these awards please download the APPLICANTS GUIDEBOOK to see if requirements are met, and to see more detailed directions. Please submit the following submission form and other relevant documents by November 12, 2020, at 10 A.M. 

Any supporting documents like client testimonials, news/media reports, photos, and relevant category collateral must be submitted below, in addition to the application form. 

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