AmCham ICT Week Web 3.0: What is Next?

Rapid digitalization is having an impact on every aspect of life, including how we interact, work, shop, and receive services, as well as how value is created and exchanged. We faced an unexpectedly fast transaction to the digital economy as a result of COVID-19, and it has become an inseparable part of our businesses across sectors.

We are bringing in international experts, leaders of the industry from U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea to tackle challenges in Blockchain, Fintech, IoT, Cybersecurity, Mining, Agritech, and other fields, to hear and learn from their ideas.

We propose declaring the first week of June as AmCham Tech Week every year, with this year being the first.

AmCham's ICT and Digital Economy Committee, as a policy advocate for the private sector, will take the lead in the discussion of the following ideas, but not limited to:

  • What new technologies are emerging in various industries?
  • How have policy and regulations in Mongolia responded to those data and their use?
  • What policy framework and support can be provided to foster new sectors while also encouraging direct investment flows to the country by properly managing domestic and cross-border data flows?
  • What are Mongolia's key strengths and scalable sectors in information technology?
  • How do businesses approach and implement innovations and technologies? Is there any evidence of a successful transition in key sectors such as mining, agriculture, and construction?
  • How do we foster a nurturing ecosystem for the growth of the tech industry?


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