March Monthly Meeting "Mining is not Evil"

We cordially invite you to the AmCham March Monthly Meeting, where industry leaders converge for a compelling panel discussion. Joining us will be a senior representative from the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, alongside esteemed mining business executives, for a profound dialogue on pivotal aspects shaping Mongolia's mining landscape. Expect insightful exchanges on various fronts, including the government's endeavors to streamline the legislative framework of the mining sector. We'll delve into the significance of upcoming strategic projects, with a focus on uranium and rare earth elements. Furthermore, we'll scrutinize Mongolia's standing in critical minerals, exploring its viability in the global market.

The session will also address specific challenges encountered by investors within the mining industry, offering actionable strategies to overcome them. Drawing from international experiences, our panelists will share best practices and invaluable lessons gleaned from diverse mining jurisdictions.

Kindly reserve your seat by 12 PM on March 18 so that we can facilitate the meeting to the fullest. Please note that seats are limited! Simultaneous translation services will be provided for your convenience.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage with industry experts and gain profound insights into the future of Mongolia's mining sector. We look forward to your participation.

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