April Monthly Meeting "CEO Panel: Reshaping business landscape"

Every year, the views of thousands of chief executives around the world are gathered in the Global CEO Survey, a flagship analysis by PwC. The 2024 survey's findings on Mongolia captured a unique insight into the thinking of how Mongolian corporate leaders are navigating the economic terrains and exploring the top-of-mind issues facing their companies today.

The Meeting will review the key findings of this survey, by examining the perspectives of CEOs from various industries and sectors. AmCham aims to uncover actionable insights that can shift businesses and policies that govern them to profit and stability. The meeting aims to offer valuable insights into the global business landscape through the lens of the Global CEO Survey. By leveraging the findings of the survey and engaging in meaningful dialogue, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of business, both globally and within Mongolia.

RSVP by 12 PM on Thursday, April 25, to help us prepare name tags properly and it can be closed once seats are filled. Simultaneous translation is available.


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